Son de Aquí

It is an original band from Mexico City. The music is powerful, explosive, danceable and partying. They say they like to make people smile, sweat, ruffle, but we also care about the content of the show, that audience can enjoy it on the dance floor or from their seats.

Son de Aquí started around the year 2000, as a group of friends that got together to play, without any serious pretensions to be a band in shape. In the beginning, no one was a professional musician, and everybody had other activities besides music. Over time, the group became something serious, changed the direction of their lives, many of the members left, others went to study music, until in 2004 they released their first album “Traigo sabor”, where they only include original music and above all we explore the son and timba.

After that, they had a lapse of little activity, where all of them were focused in other projects, until 2010 where they decided to retake the project and make a second album. In this album, they consider that they have found their sound and that is why, in part, it is as if it were their first album. In it they decided, on one hand, to compose starting from the traditional music of Mexico, Cuba and Colombia that has a shared origin and links in the lyric, the instrumentation, the dance. On the other hand get influence by genres with which they have been in contact as interpreters, and that they like; like hip-hop and reggae, as well as electronic or technological resources.

Great musicians of the mexican scene have passed through the group, with very diverse origins and influences. In 2010 they were fortunate to bring together a group of very talented people and also collaborate with musicians from other parts of the world on the album and live performances, so the sound of the band got richer.

Son de Aquí is a group with a lot of energy, power and party on the stage, but we also seek to make an interesting scenic proposal with content. They include dance and zapateados, a very rich instrumentation (congas, timbal, drums, Colombian percussion, cajones, tres cubano, jaranas, colombian gaita, metals, bass, piano and guitars) with what they want in their concerts, people besides being able to dance can only listen and enjoy the show.

The trajectory of the band is vast, they have played in many festivals, open spaces, discotheques, alternating with great artists inside the country and outside of it. In 2005 they were invited to Europe, where they were able to give some concerts. They have made music for movies and their music has been broadcast on TV and radio. In 2014 we were selected within a call for performing arts from the Ministry of Culture, to perform and to present the new album.

In 2015 they presented their second album at the “Teatro de la Ciudad, Esperanza Iris” one of the most beautiful and important in Mexico, which was an unforgettable night where they had full house.

In 2016 and 2017 they had a series of very nice concerts at very large Festivals like the Quimera Festival and Siguiente Escena in Mexico and 2018/19 they had a series of shows in The Netherlands collaborating with musicians from Holland, Germany, Greece and Spain.

“Son”: sound, poetry, improvisation, dance, linked to the everyday life of people.